Treasure Valley woman turns jewelry-making hobby into local business

Posted at 5:51 AM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-12 17:01:18-04

TREASURE VALLEY, Idaho — If you've ever been to the Meridian Main Street Market, you might have come across a display of earrings with flowers, trendy shapes and other intricate designs. If this sounds familiar, the name Freya Clay Co might sound familiar too.

The company was started and is completely run by Savvy Stead. She said this all started when she was bored at home as a newlywed while her husband was working on a ranch. So she bought some clay and started making earrings.

Now, she spends hours sitting at a desk in her living room, working on her latest earring creation.

"Usually when I'm doing this — because I'll do this for hours and hours — I will listen to audiobooks," Stead said.

She didn't start selling them right away. That part didn't come until she and her husband moved to Idaho two years ago. Soon she started selling her latest creations online and at the Meridian Main Street Market.

By selling at the market, Savvy was fully immersed in the Gem State and said she quickly learned, it's the people that make Idaho so great.

On herInstagram and Tiktok you can find countless videos showing how she turns a lump of clay into earrings in the shape of books, flowers and other seasonal shapes.

And while making earrings is still a fun hobby for Savvy, her favorite part is interacting with customers, especially moms.

"I feel like a lot of women when they've got kids, they kind of just seem themselves as being, oh I'm just a mom," she said.

But with something as simple as a fun pair of earrings, Savvy said they can express themselves.

Savvy's fall collection is being released soon, you can find that information and more of her products by clicking here.