Treasure Valley seeks Pro soccer team

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 00:28:16-04

The Idaho Youth Soccer Association is working to bring a United Soccer League team to Boise.

They say they are working with the current major league soccer champs, the Portland Timbers, to make it happen.

The Timbers 2 recently played a regular season match in Meridian with a sold out crowd of 4,300. Organizers say there was enough interest in the sport to bring a team here full time.

It was only the second professional soccer game ever played in Boise. The first was Athletic Bilbo taking on Tijuana at Albertsons stadium. Both games were put on with help from the Idaho Youth Soccer Association.

The Timbers general manager, Gavin Wilkinson recently told USL
"We want to look at a way to eventually have more games in Boise and in Idaho.  Is it a viable business decision? These are questions that we'll be asking ourselves. This is definitely a trial match. It has many, many purposes and we're very happy with the initial response."

Soccer fans in the area say they'd come out to watch soccer in Boise, even if they’re not watching the national team or even a major league soccer team.

But where would this soccer team play?

USL requires their stadiums to hold at least five thousand people. The Idaho Youth Soccer Association says they're already looking at some possible locations. From converting Les Bois Park, working with the Hawks to use the Memorial stadium, or even building a new one.