Treasure Valley hitting the polls!

The importance of voting to locals
Posted at 7:28 PM, Nov 07, 2023

BOISE, ID — Idaho voters woke up today ready to take part in Election Day.

However, for some in East Boise, maintenance work forced those who normally would go to precinct 1814 at the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to take their voting down the road to East Junior High School.

I visited the polling center and spoke with several voters about the importance of voting.

One said, "It's the privilege of living in this free country."

Another explained, "Because a lot of these elections determine our basic infrastructure. They determine whether or not we have schools." He continued saying, "If we have funding for these schools. or funding for a jail like Ada County Jail bond that's on right now."

I also spoke with the Chief Judge at the site Kyah Adams. She said that when people come together things will be changed more smoothly. "One of the most important things about voting is that we get everybody’s opinion out and then we get to make a change for what we want our city to be," said Adams.

Speaking with Adams, she explained there has been a steady pace of voter turnout this morning. However, with the closure of the Idaho Department of Parks and Rec polling center, that steady pace should grow throughout the day.