Treasure Valley friends write book on their amazing journey

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 14:34:52-04

Two friends from the Treasure Valley ... one wheelchair ... and one amazing story.

You may recall we first introduced you to Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck three years ago.

The two, now both 41, have been best friends since they were born. They attended middle and high school together. They were always there for each other through the years -- even when Justin received devastating news: diagnosed with what’s called multifocal acquired motor axonopathy, a neuromuscular disease with symptoms very similar to ALS.

In 2013, Justin had the idea -– the desire -– to travel across Spain. And Patrick was right there at his friend’s side, ready and willing to help make Justin’s dream come true.

So, the following year, the two men traveled more than 500 miles across Spain on the scenic Camino De Santiago trail, Patrick pushing Justin in a wheelchair all the way. They had trained for almost a year to get ready for the arduous trek.

Now, the two are sharing their incredible story in a book entitled, "I'll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair.”

At a Thursday book-signing event at Barnes and Noble bookstore in Boise, Justin and Patrick took a lot questions from the packed crowd.

"It's our memoir, it's our journey through Spain. It’s a  backdrop to our lives and all the people we meet throughout it -- people who have literally pushed us beyond any limitation that we could have gone beyond ourselves," Patrick said.

A feature-length documentary about their journey recently won the Audience Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. They say the film should be available this fall.