Treasure Valley firefighters climb for a cure

Posted at 9:15 PM, Mar 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 11:36:06-05

Treasure Valley firefighters climbed for a cure Sunday to show their support for a boy they call "Mighty Max" in battling blood cancer.

"He is just your typical Idaho boy. He loves the outdoors. He loves going outside, " Said Paul Jones, father of Mighty Max.

Although Max appears healthy on the outside, the energetic 9-year-old is forced to spend most of his time inside.

"I've been doing most of my chemo at home," said Max.

A little over a year ago, the young boy was diagnosed with leukemia.

"He has blood cancer, so it's everywhere in his body," said Jones.

The news is difficult for any parent to understand.

Max's father said finding out about his disease broke his heart, but he soon witnessed something incredible.

" All, the firemen, have been great to rally around our family and want to help us and support us and be with us as we went through this battle," said Jones.

On Sunday "Snake River Crossfit" hosted their 2nd annual Crossfit Climb to help out. 

The event raises money for leukemia and lymphoma society and will serve as practice for those participating in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb challenge in Seattle later this month.

Nearly 20 firefighters came out to show Mighty Max they have his back. 

"As everyone knows him as Mighty Max is one of the honored members of the Boise Stairclimbers team," Jones explained.

Dan Garcia was one of the men showing his support. 

"We did some lunges and some sandbag workouts, and then after that was done the fire guys put on all their gear, air packs and breathing gear and we did a race on the stair climber 69 flights," said Garcia.

Mighty Max got emotional when thinking about the support surrounding him.

"A lot of people were climbing for me, and that meant a lot to me," said Mighty Max. 

With long days filled with medications and numerous doctors appointments.

"It's tough," said Mighty Max.

But he is earning his nickname, Mighty Max.

"He gets up and says let's do it lets make it happen, and it does it with a smile on his face," said Jones.

The family says they get their strength from the community.

"I'm extremely proud of him and the hard things that he has done in the last year," said Jones.

The Boise firefighters are hoping to raise $40,000 for the cause which each firefighter is setting a personal fundraising goal.