Traffic shifts to next week at State St./Veterans Memorial Parkway

Posted: 4:31 PM, Mar 22, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-23 14:13:24Z

Due to poor weather the Ada County Highway District has postponed this morning's plan to shift traffic near the corner of State Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Starting March 29th drivers will find they can no longer make left turns from State Street onto Veterans Memorial Parkway or 36th Street according to the ACHD.

The traffic changes are part of the ongoing, $7.7 million reconstruction of the intersection, which will run into October. “Preparation to eliminate the turns from the intersection will be done overnight, including repainting lane lines and installation of traffic barriers. The painting cannot occur in wet conditions,” DuBois explained.

Left turns onto State Street will be maintained. Plans call for swapping traffic to the south side of State Street starting Friday morning. Concrete barriers will be placed along State Street to separate traffic on the south side from the work being done on the north side. 

“Two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained along south State Street during peak hours. Message boards have been in place since March 12th alerting motorists to this coming change,” DuBois stated.