Top fuel drag boat racer brings new race car to Firebird Raceway

Drag racer trades water for concrete
Posted at 2:38 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 16:38:24-04

This week's Pepsi Nightfire Nationals... Bring close to thirty top fuel dragsters to Firebird Raceway.
    But one brand new team has more experience on the water... Than they do the road.
If you think top fuel dragsters are fast, you've probably never seen top fuel drag boat racing.
For years, Eddie Knox was one of the top drag boat racers behind the wheel of his 10,000 horsepower Problem Child.
Knox explains what it's like, "One thousand feet in 3.3 seconds at 265 mph from a dead stop, that's a half second quicker than the cars go."  Knox explains that once the boat launches out of the water, the only things touching the water are the twin propellers.
And in a crash you trade fire for drowning, which is why boats have special driver capsules designed to break loose.
Something Knox has experienced, "I've had the engine hit the back of the capsule at 218 mph and while I have a few ticks left over, I'm kind of ok I think."
And despite the heat, Knox says he's sold on the Treasure Valley.

"I've been on the lakes and this is just a wonderful place.  You might end up with another resident soon," says Knox.
If we do, we'll probably see a lot more of his car and it's locally based sponsor.
But, after decades behind the wheel, Knox is happy to run a team and let his partner's son, Billy Morris drive the car.

"I've had my fun, my day in the sun," says Knox.
But seeing him climb into the driver's seat for fun, it's not hard to imagine a man who steeled himself on a liquid fast track.
Someday giving it a go on the perfectly groomed track at Firebird.
The Pepsi Nightfire Nationals runs through Sunday at Firebird Raceway.