Tips to keep your pet cool during the hot summer months

Posted at 9:35 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 23:35:09-04

Unlike humans, cats and dog don't sweat and these hot temperatures can be deadly to your four-legged friend. Veterinarians at WestVet say they're seeing at least one overheated pet a week and some of the cases have been fatal. Heavy panting is one symptom to look out for and doctors say keep an eye out for stumbling and increased body temperature. Heat stroke in pets can happen when they're are left in hot cars, at home with no air conditioning, and even hiking in the foothills.

"Unfortunately what happens to this patents is all the organs start to fail one at a time, we literally see pretty much every organ fail unless we get to them in time cause they just get heated up too much so it's serious,"  said Dr. Andrea Oncken an Animal Critical Care Specialist with WestVet.

Some tips to keep your pet cool, limit play outside in the middle of the day, make sure your pet has water, and a cool spot in your home for them to relax.