Tips to keep your home cool ahead of record-breaking heat

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Posted at 4:25 PM, Jun 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 10:04:31-04

IDAHO — With record-breaking temperatures in the forecast, the last thing anyone wants is a broken air conditioner. Now is the time to call a repairman for any air conditioners that haven't been working as well lately.

Even if it seems that nothing is wrong with your air conditioner, there are some steps you can take to ensure you won't be without air conditioning in the heat.

  • Make sure you have clean air filters in the furnace system
  • Check all registers so air can flow throughout the house
  • Check the air conditioning unit outside for weeds, debris, and dirt

Vic McLaughlin, the owner of Owyhee Heating and Cooling, said the most common cause he sees of air conditioners breaking is a dirty air filter.

"Blowing fuses, circuit breaker tripped off, if you operate your thermostat back and forth too fast, that can cause a circuit breaker or the fuse to trip," McLaughlin said.

It's also important not to set your thermostat too low because most air conditioners only guarantee to cool your home about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.