Tiny homes offer a home-like experience for rescue dogs

Posted at 3:34 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 09:57:37-04

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Meridian Canine Rescue has taken the concept of “tiny homes” and built five of them for their rescue dogs to live in.

The homes were first started last summer and now a few months later, staff says they have been a great option for a more home-like experience.

“We’re trying really hard to make the transition from us to a forever home as seamless and easy on the dogs as it can possibly be,” Meridian Canine Rescue's Jessica Ewing said.

These tiny homes, built by volunteers, give rescue dogs a lower stress living experience than a typical metal kennel.

“The dogs are really are more relaxed in that environment and I think it seems more familiar to them, especially the ones who have been surrendered here. This is an environment that looks a little bit more like home versus four-by-eight metal kennels and those sorts of things. So it's given us some options for reducing stress and giving them a more comfortable stay while they are with us,” Ewing said.

Tiny Home

Each home has windows with curtains and furniture depending on what the dog needs. The idea came to staff after seeing tiny homes being built for people.

“We’ve had the idea to try and repurpose some of their housing so it more closely resembles a home environment. So we thought tiny houses might be the way to go,” Ewing said. “Not having them in rows of four-by-eights where they're sort of surrounded by other dogs who also may be stressed, that has helped considerably,” Ewing said.

The tiny homes are double a typical kennel and staff say this plus along with quiet spaces have really helped the dogs through their stay at Meridian Canine Rescue.

“It really helps the entire population to be calm and quiet and kind of get through this and so it's helped quite a bit having a new design here,” Ewing said.