Tiffany Glove Company making equipment for bull riders around the world and across generations

Posted at 8:42 PM, Jul 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 15:22:19-04

NAMPA, Idaho — It takes just the right equipment for cowboys at the Snake River Stampede to stay on a 2,000-pound bucking bull, like the glove they wear on their hand.

That's where Tiffany Glove Company comes into play.

"It is very satisfying. You know, we are a little company in Payette, Idaho, and we sell gloves all over the world. Australia, Canada, Brazil and everywhere, just about every state," said Bill White, owner of Tiffany Gloves Co.

What started as a company to make custom gloves for people with missing fingers has now turned into a staple for bull riders.

“I bought the company in 1970, and then in 1980, to the stampede when it was in the old arena, and I have been coming every year since that, and I haven't missed a performance since 1980," said White.

His love for the rodeo led him to this new business journey.

“A number of years ago, I came up with a brainstorm to make colored gloves and put initials on them, and the year of 1980 or 82, I had all 15 of NFR finalists,” White said.

He gave each one of those finalists their own customized gloves. From then on Tiffany Gloves expanded. Now he has over 7,000 cowboys he serves around the world.

"I get to watch all these kids when they are not here and I get to see my glove on TV, so that is fun," he said.

Something as simple as a glove can make a world of difference when they’re on a 2,000-pound bucking bull. Their first contact with the bull is their hand so the glove is a very important piece of equipment.

White says the success of his gloves starts with the material.

"They’re all made out of deerskin and I am extremely fussy with my leather, some of the tanneries don’t like me too well because I will mail it back if it is not really good stuff,” he said.

Now, the company is starting to serve different generations.

“A lot of the kids started when they were really young and I am making gloves for kids that I made for their dad," he said. "It’s just fun to be involved in the rodeo world especially the bull riding for us."

White's son Greg goes to all the rodeos and helps out with the business, but Bill doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

"They can see him and know that the product is not going to change it’s still going to be the number one glove in the bull riding world,” he said.

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