Three women charged with sex crimes against minors

"An uptick" in alleged female perpetrators
Posted at 6:16 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 20:41:32-04

Three women have been charged with sex crimes against adolescents in the past week, according to the Ada County Prosecutor's office, "an uptick" in the number of female alleged perpetrators of sex crimes against adolescents.

Ashley Maylenn Prince of Boise, age 21, is has been charged with of Felony Exploitation of a Child.

Christina Maria Campagna of Boise, age 19, has been charged with Felony Prostitution-Procurement of, and Soliciting a Minor for Prostitution.

Elizabeth Dianne Strickler, of Boise, age 24, has been charged with 3 charges of Felony Lewd Conduct with a Child Under 16.

Jean Fisher, the Special Crimes Unit Chief at the Ada County Prosecutor's Office says there are differences in how men and women are treated by judges and juries. "I mean there are complicated factors that I think are old school, and then there are very real situational differences in female and male sex offenders that need to be evaluated on an individual case basis.  But unfortunately, I think we tend to fight these old school ideas that somehow women sex offenders are somehow less harmful than men are."

For more information about sex crime victim services, visit the FACES program of Ada County.