Third high school coming to Kuna

Third high school coming to Kuna
Posted at 4:10 PM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 19:08:06-05

KUNA  — Kuna schools are seeing their neighborhoods and classrooms grow bigger every year. The district says they're growing by 500 houses a year.

"We anticipate about 250-280 new students a year," said director of communications for Kuna school district David Reinhart.

Now a third high school is coming to Kuna to meet the growth, thanks to unanimous approval from city council. They're trying to keep the school's population between 500 and 1500 kids.

"Our community decided they didn't want a school as big as some in the area that are 2500 or 2600 students,"said Reinhart, "there's a general belief that a high school can be too big, and people can turn into numbers."

There's a 60 acre stretch off of Linder and Columbia roads that will be future home for the new Kuna high school, which according to Reinhart is about what you need for football fields, baseball fields, the building and parking.

The school will be a career technical school, specifically focusing on engineering, auto-diesel, welding and health science.

"Employers tell us they need skilled labor and we know that many of our students want to have a skill as they graduate so they can go into the workforce or take that skill to a university," said Reinhart.

You can vote here until February 5th to give your input on what the school name should be.