Magic Valley flooding closes roads and damages homes

"There's water everywhere!"
Posted at 12:40 PM, Feb 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 13:57:58-05

Officials report widespread flooding and road and highway closures across the Magic Valley, due to recent rains falling on melting snow.

“There’s water everywhere!” said Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lori Stewart. “There are lots of damaged roads and massive ice blocks.”

The Idaho Transportation Department says U.S. Highway 30 at the Deep Creek Bridge, west of Buhl, is currently overrun with water and is blocked off. Drivers are being told to find alternate routes.

State Highway 46, near Buhl is also shut down due to significant water on the roadway. The water is increasing, officials said, meaning the roadway may be blocked for some time.

Highway 30 between Buhl and Hagerman is also closed, as well as the Clear Lakes Grade.

At least four homes -- two in Castleford and two in Buhl -- have been evacuated, due to two breaches in the same canal, according to Stewart. One breach was reported at 1000 East 3600 North in Castleford; the other at 3500 North 1700 East in Buhl.

There are no mandatory evacuations.

Several roads have been closed due to the high water. Stewart said they include:

900 East to 1700 East
1400 East from 3800 to 3900 North
3400 North from 900 East to 1200 East
3500 North from 900 East to 1200 East and
3800 North heading south to 3200 North

Police and Sheriff’s Offices are issuing strong warnings to drivers not to go around barricades that are in place blocking the roads. One driver went around a barricade at 3700 North near 1150 East -- and the vehicle soon became submerged, according to Stewart.

The good news; Interstate 86 west of Twin Falls was re-opened to traffic Thursday morning, as water in that area is receding, according to Idaho Transportation Department officials.

The Red Cross is opening a shelter at the Amazing Grace Fellowship, 1061 Eastland Drive North in Twin Falls for individuals and families displaced by the flooding.