The return of youth sports is near, but not without extra safety precautions

Posted at 1:43 AM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 03:43:00-04

BOISE — With spring sports and camps canceled this year due to COVID-19, it left kids stuck at home unable to get outside and play games with their friends.

That will soon change, but not without significant modifications to how summer sports seasons will operate.

Starting on Monday, i9 Sports will resume their camps, and their sports leagues will follow in July.

"Knowing that they have been cooped up stuck in their homes, and we're all just antsy to get out there and have some fun," said i9 Sports owner, Roger Lawless.

The staff at i9 Sports has spent months discussing and preparing their new protocols to ensure the athletes are healthy and safe.

This includes hiring a full-time cleaner to sanitize equipment, checking everyone's temperature upon arriving and separating the athletes into three groups, so there is less interaction.

"We'll do air high fives instead of actual high fives, and fist bumps, just those types of things, but lots of smiles like we always do to encourage the kids," said Lawless.

Only immediate family is allowed at the games, and they will enforce the six feet of social distancing rules.

These necessary changes had to be made for this season to move forward; those are all worth it to be able to have back what many people are missing.

"Honestly, I just miss being out on the field, the smell of the grass, having the kids be out there, making jokes, dancing around with them and seeing their level of pure enjoyment," said Lawless.

After canceling spring season, i9 Sports revenue has also taken a hit from the extra costs of equipment and sanitizer.

"It's all worth it just to see the smiles on the kid's faces again," said Lawless.

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