The Idaho State Veteran's Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony looked a lot different this year

Posted at 5:23 PM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 10:48:37-04

BOISE — The Idaho State Veteran's Cemetery usually hosts a big Memorial Day service for those who died for our freedoms. Due to COVID-19 concerns that did not happen this year.

But, hundreds still came out to pay their respects, bring flowers and place American flags.

"I come out here to visit my husband Ron, he's been here almost five years, and it's just a wonderful feeling to come here because it is such a peaceful place for him to be," said Ron's wife, Barb Larson.

Two Curtis P-40 airplanes and a P-51 Mustang flew over the cemetery to honor those who lost their lives.

"It's a flight to represent the freedom that we are so blessed to have in this country," said the Founder of the Warhawk Air Museum, Sue Paul.

Although the flyover happens every year, this year was a little different.

"This year it is very special because, in addition to flying over Veterans cemetery and other cemeteries, we will also be flying over all of the hospitals as a salute to our first responders and to our doctors and nurses," said Paul.

Even though the ceremony looked a lot different this year, Larson said that she's appreciative that she can still come to the cemetery. Every week, she comes here to sit and visit with her husband, updating him on what has been happening in her life. However, her visit with her husband was extra special today.

"There's so many people here, and it's so nice to see everybody walking around and everyone taking interest in bringing flowers," said Larson.

The Memorial Day ceremony is an emotional day for Larson. Still, every year she comes to honor her husband and all the other men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

"To me, I couldn't think of any other place that he should be, he served in the Navy, and he was a great man," said Larson. "We had so much fun together. I miss him terribly."