The 'greatest generation': remembering World War II veterans

Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 07:13:55-04

"This was the day of victory, this was the day the nation could take a deep breathe and say, you know, we did it," said the director of Idaho State Veterans Cemetery James Earp.

  A victory we're still celebrating 73 years after the fact. All those years ago, our veterans came home to celebrate the end of World War II, and a triumph for our country. 

"It showed the world that this is a nation that not only has the military might but the ability to reach out to our foes and help rebuild," said Earp. 

A success thanks to a generation that overcame the Great Depression and the uncertainties of a world war. The 'greatest generation,' as they're called, hardly forgotten by their loved ones. 

"I believe the biggest word to talk about when you talk about the Greatest Generation of World War 2 is a sacrifice," said retired Army veteran Jim Hawkins. 

A sacrifice made by Jim Hawkin's own father, who served in the Navy during WWII. 

"He worked hard all his life to make sure his family was taken care of," said Hawkins. 

While the families of these veterans do their part to preserve history, you might wonder if the younger generations are paying attention, too. 

"In school, we always have a big unit about world war 2," said girl scout Katie Tidwell. 

Students like Tidwell say they appreciate the service of the generations that came before them and use their success as a learning experience. 

"A lot of it is stuff we can't understand my generation because we haven't experienced a world war so I think it's just important we understand not everything in life is easy," said Tidwell. 

And no matter what generation they belong to, everyone at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery felt proud to remember this chapter of history. 

"I'm humbled to have had a successful military career and the success that we had we had to do it for the greatest generation," said Earp. 


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