The City of Boise gives kids free life jackets with the help of St. Luke's

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jul 22, 2019

BOISE — For the third year in a row the City of Boise has partnered with St. Luke's to give children free life jackets in an effort to keep kids safe out on the water.

Children were fitted for life jackets at Idaho River Sports after St. Luke's provided a $5,000 donation to make this program possible.

"We provide a life jacket for children who might not be able to afford them" said Boise Parks & Recreation director Doug Holloway. "We think it is important from a water safety perspective that all kids have an opportunity to enjoy the accessible and free aquatic complexes we have around the city."

We caught up with the Johnson family who floats the Boise River as a family tradition and every member of their large crew both adults and children wore a life jacket down the river.

"I think it is really important no matter how good of a swimmer you are, you never know what obstacles you are going to face," said Johnson.

Boise residents under 18-years-old qualify to receive a life jacket through this program, families can call Fort Boise at (208) 608-7680 or visit the Fort Boise Community Center (700 Robbins Rd.) to take part in the free life jacket program.