Terry Reilly provides virtual appointments, offers telehealth for patients

Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 12:55:16-04

Terry Reilly offers health services all over the community and across all income levels. In light of the pandemic, they’ve switched as many services as they can to virtual appointments while maintaining their same price scales to make sure all people have access.

“What we’ve done is we’ve moved many of our staff to work remotely, so they’re in their homes like I am right now, and I’m seeing patients on Thursdays and Fridays and other times as well,' said chief medical officer Dr. Andrew Baron.

Like other healthcare centers, they are adjusting their clinics in light of the pandemic.

“Our supplies are low as well, we wish that we had much more than we do, but we are doing the best with what we have," said Baron.

They made the switch to telehealth for a variety of appointments. The most accessible appointments are for counseling.

“The other thing we’re doing is our psychiatric medication management, which is visits that have to do with managing mental health issues with medications, for example, or therapy," said Baron.

Staff can also use telehealth services to discuss symptoms for COVID-19, and if they recommend, a patient gets tested. They also use video services for simple things, like assessing rashes or monitoring ongoing health needs.

“We also have the ability to do telehealth visits for medical things swell, so someone can interact, for example, about their diabetes, go over their blood sugars, talk about what their diet is like with their physicians," explained Baron.

Dr. Baron says the clinics are seeing overall lower numbers right now as people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and staying home. However, Terry Reilly has been able to maintain its billing sliding scales.

“we’re still available to do telephone visits as well as telehealth visits because Medicare and Medicaid much of the insurers have changed and relaxed how they allow us to now provide services to our patients, and that includes telephone and video," said Baron.

When the restrictions lift, Baron predicts there will be an increase in people coming in for physical exams since they’re not offering any at the moment. However, he says telehealth is here to stay.

“I think that this pandemic has demonstrated to us the importance of it and the value that telehealth can bring to our patients," said Baron.