Teal Chair makes debut in Boise

Posted at 11:12 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 01:12:55-04

If you limited time to live what would you do? Students at Eagle High School are asking this question with their film the Teal Chair. This question has folks talking. What started off as a school project has turned into a topic people can't seem to get off their minds.

Back in October leadership at Treasure Valley Hospice approached the Eagle High School broadcasting department asking for their help with a project. The goal was to get people talking about living instead of dying. 

"We had no idea that this project would grow the legs that it has grown, that we would go to the sun valley film festival, that senators would be interested in the project," said Honey Goodman, Co-owner of the Treasure Valley Hospice.

The film made its public debut Thursday night at Jump. About 500 people packed the room just to get a glimpse of the 30 -minute documentary. The film has also been nominated for a category in the 2018 sun valley film festival.Student filmmaker Aiden Holcroft says the short film took about three months to bring to life.

"It's been surreal because as a high schooler I am not associated with the thought of death and dying very often. I think its been eye-opening in ways that I could never have imagined where I am dealing with people that are experiencing a lot of life, " said Holcroft.

The students believe they have answered the question to life.  

"Relationships with people are the most important thing that should be in your life. You should be focusing on the material goods or just your job," said Holdcroft.

If you would like to view the film, you can do so by reaching out to the Treasure Valley Hospice.