Teachers going above and beyond to support students, families

Teachers going above and beyond to support students, familiesTeachers going above and beyond to support students, families
Posted at 4:53 PM, Apr 08, 2020
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BOISE — The job of a teacher doesn't call for a typical 9-5 workday. Sonia Galaviz is a perfect representative of that.

"I joke with my kids at 3:15 when I release you from the school day I don't stop being your teacher, I'm your teacher at 8 pm, I'm your teacher on a Saturday, I'm your teacher Easter Sunday," said veteran teacher Sonia Galaviz.

The school closures mean no more face to face contact, and the stay-at-home order means no playgrounds or many activities for kids. Sonia knew she had to do something and asked her community to help.

"Sonia asked for mostly food donation sand then if we had any games, puzzles, coloring books that could help the kids as well," said Lori Hickman, a member of the community who helped gather supplies.

Garfield is a Title I school, meaning many families are low-income. Sonia and the administration want to make sure their community gets the support they usually receive during school.

Garfield arranged a grab-and-go service, and Sonia reached out to her church for help gathering supplies.

"If you're lucky enough to have her as your fifth-grade teacher, she goes above and beyond at Garfield Elementary," said Hickman.

Collectively, they gathered enough supplies for 15 food boxes and 60 art kits. There were also various sports equipment and other activities collected. On her own time, she runs the items to her families' doorsteps.

"I just text my families once I get back in my car saying 'hey delivery, miss you, love you' and would go on to the next one," said Galaviz.

Sonia received many pictures and videos from her students, which she shared with the community that helped gather the supplies.

"Thank you for everything you gave me, I loved it all, and the books are really interesting," said one of her students in an audio recording.

Sonia says mainly the students are excited for the video learning so that they can see each other like they do in the classroom.

"I've been teasing a few of them gently when they're like 'oh Miss G. I miss school so much,' and I'm like 'oh, I'll remind you of that buddy when I'm asking where your math homework is,'" said Galaviz.

Sonia isn't the only teacher working behind the scenes to provide for her kids, but there's definitely a common goal shared among educators in all schools across the country right now.

"We're just getting through it together," said Galaviz.

6 On Your Side knows Sonia isn't alone in her work to make things easier for students; we want to help tell more positive stories of local teachers finding ways to serve children, even during a pandemic.

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