Teacher cop swap reverses roles for educators and police in Boise

Posted at 2:26 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 16:26:15-04

This week a unique partnership happened between the Boise School district and the Boise Police Department where roles were reversed in the teacher cop swap.

On Thursday officers from the Boise Police Department showed up in classrooms to teach at a number of different schools in the district.

On Friday teachers were given a crash course in police tactical driving, followed by a trip to the shooting range and a ride along with an officer on duty.

Check out the video to see how teachers fared behind the wheel.

"Driving on a track at a high rate of speed is not something you get to do every day," said Kelly Holder a 5th-grade teacher at Maple Grove Elementary. "Although the speed demon and the thrill seeker in me loved it and the officer I was with gave me great instruction, as a teacher it is always fun to learn."

The officer also demonstrated how to take out a suspect at high speeds, it was an experience that the teachers who rode along will never forget.

"It was incredibly counter-intuitive to anything you would ever think as a driver," said Margaret Rider a teacher at Hillside Junior High. "Then all of a sudden we are going as fast as we can to hit a car intentionally, but then it was so smooth and it worked."

The time spent on the track helped the teachers gain an added respect for law enforcement.

"It gives me a totally different perspective on what their job is," said Doreen Prohaska a Kindergarten teacher at Taft Elementary. "In their job is they just don't know from moment to moment, I couldn't even imagine it."

The teachers also appreciate the officers spending time with the children in various classrooms across the Boise School District.

"They did a brilliant job, they made the students laugh and we had Scout the police dog joined our fifth-grade class we went over to the park for our science lesson and Scout put his paw in some ink and gave the kids autographs."

After the track, the teachers went to the shooting range to participate in different scenarios and in the evening the teachers will get to participate in a ride along with Boise police officers.