Taste the 'toilet-to-tap' beers this week at local breweries

Posted at 5:19 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 19:19:17-04

Pour it, pass it, sip it yourself. After all, it's made from the cleanest water in town. 

"The nickname when I first heard it was toilet to tap which I think is kind of funny," said owner of Mother Earth Brew Co. Daniel Love. 

Five local breweries are days away from releasing their newest beer made from recycled wastewater.  

"It is important to judge water on its quality, not on its history," said the president of the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Assoc. David Keil. 

Typically water is treated then returned to the Boise River. As part of the Pure Water BrewBoise initiative, wastewater for these brews is filtered extensively, in part by a process called reverse osmosis which removes all contaminates.  

"There are no pathogens whatsoever, no viruses you know nothing gets through this except the water molecule," said Keil. 

The process is highly beneficial for areas where water isn't always in easy access. In Idaho, we're not lacking in that department, but sustainability is always a concern. 

"We're lucky in Idaho to be kind of towards the upper end of the watershed, but we also use more water per person than any other state," said Keil. 

Which is why local breweries like Mother Earth Brew Co. and Lost Grove Brewing are getting behind the movement, even at a cost. 

"It's kind of tough because it's very costly to do that, but it helps us think about how we may be able to do something like this in the future," said Love. 

"'We're a least looking into the future and taking steps that might help us be cleaner and more efficient," said owner of Lost Grove Brewing Jacob Black. 

The city is using this project to see how the community responds to different kinds of water efficiency options. So, order up a glass and judge for yourself.