Table Rock Fire victims don't want to see a ban on illegal fireworks sales

Posted at 10:46 PM, Jun 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-01 00:46:49-04

Van Danielson and his son Steven are getting ready for the Fourth of July. But this time last year, Steven was freshly homeless.

"It's been a struggle, I've been on couches at people's houses in Meridian and Caldwell," said Steven Danielson. 

The family's home where Steven was living burned down during the Table Rock Fire which also scorched over 2000 acre. while the fire was started by a Roman candle, Steven doesn't blame illegal fireworks. 

"We were a victim of someone who chose something that went against common sense. It could've been done with the flick of a cigarette," Said Steven. 

While the state attorney general has recommended law enforcement to put a stop to the sale of illegal fireworks this year, Van and Steven say they disagree.

"It Doesn't make any difference if they ban them or not if you want them bad enough you will find them somewhere," said Van Danielson.

Steven and Van would like to see more cities in Idaho provide residents a safe place to shoot off fireworks, but also prevent another Table Rock Fire by increasing fines for those who use illegal fireworks in unsafe areas. 

"Give them a place to go you'll see a complete different change in atmosphere I think it's a good way to bring voice it again everybody could come here meridian could do something like that," explained Steven Danielson.

Steven says he'll be spending this 4th of July in Idaho City shooting of fireworks he and his dad want to remind the public to use fireworks safety this year. You can help the Danielson family by donating to their burnout fund at any key bank branch. Just ask for the "Danielson's burnout fund."