Table Rock fire closes trails during holiday weekend

Posted at 11:15 PM, Jul 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-03 01:15:16-04
The Table Rock Fire not only burned 25 hundred acres and destroyed one home, but park officials say it also burned over 98% of the trails near Table Rock. 
"About 164 acres of city property was damaged, all of the reserves basically all of Table Rock and Mesa Reserve," said Sara Arkle of Boise Parks and Recreation. 
While authorities say the fire is 100 percent contained it is still active. That's why all hiking trails in the Table Rock area are closed to the public. Boise Parks and Rec says 5 miles of trails have been affected however they say it did not cause any long term damage and they hope to reopen the trails next week. 
"The trails held up pretty well. We got some work we need to do to reduce to erosion potential. As long  folks stay on the trail we won't have trouble," said Arkle,
The department of Parks and Recreation plans to bring out Ridge to Rivers crews next week to work on the trails that were impacted by the fire. It can be an expensive process, but city officials say it needs to be done.  
"We just spent 25 thousand dollars last year rehabbing some trail areas and so we need to kind of go back in now and redo some of that work," said Arkle
While one popular Boise hiking destination is closed for the holiday weekend, Parks and Rec says over 150 miles of hiking trails are still accessible in the Boise foothills.