Superheroes march against child abuse in Caldwell

Posted at 8:55 PM, Apr 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-14 22:55:24-04

A group of superheroes flew into Caldwell Saturday afternoon to help combat child abuse in the Treasure Valley. 

This event was the fourth annual Super Hero Child Abuse Awareness March. From Ironman to Superdog about 200 superheroes packed the streets of Caldwell. 

"what we know is that one in four girls and one in six boys are going to be sexually abused in their lifetime," Said Erica Kallin, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Canyon County

Kallin said here in the Treasure Valley those numbers are rising. So local law enforcement is teaming up with child advocacy groups to raise awareness for child abuse prevention. Kallin says awareness is key to tackling the issue. 

"I think the biggest thing that we need to do is start with talking to our children. We need to educate them on what is okay and what isn't okay. And making your home a safe place where you have the conversation about good touch and bad touch," said Kallin.

Kids not only dressed as their favorite superhero, but they also led the march, walking blocks, holding blue pinwheels. At the end of the event, the kids planted a pinwheel garden. Pinwheels are the nationally recognized symbol for child abuse. Advocates say it is up to the community to stop the cycle. 

"It is not uncommon for individuals that have been sexually abused to act out; others turn into offenders, have domestic violence it has a long-term impact that can go as far as depression and as far as suicide," said Kallin.

She hopes this event will help lower those numbers in our area. 

It is one of the many events taking place in the Treasure Valley to highlight April being Child Abuse Awareness Month. Coming up on April 20th the Nampa Family Justice Center will be hosting a conference to further educate the public on how the community can fight the issue.