Superdelegate process in Idaho

Posted at 10:15 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 00:15:25-04
Four people hold the title of democratic superdelegate here in Idaho: Democratic National Committee chairman Burt Marley, vice chairwoman Van Beechler, committee member Pete Gertonson, and committee member Carolyn Boyce.
Each is elected to the position through the State Central Committee, a group made up of about 160 democratic party leaders from throughout the state.
"It's that 160 people and they meet to have these elections," said Dean Fergerson, spokesman for the Idaho Democratic Party.
Once they hold the title of superdelegate, they get to cast their ballot for whatever candidate they see fit, regardless of how the state voted. 
"Every one of them, their goal is to make the best decision for who they think will make the next best president," explained Ferguson.
While Ferguson said there are some disadvantages to the system, "from the outside it looks like if Bernie swept the state in those other delegates, then it doesn't seem like they should be able to go the way that the people voted. Frankly,  that's not the system." 
He said there are also some upsides that can't be ignored. 
"A lot of the people who attended the caucuses, you know showed up for caucus, and they'll show up for the election. The fact is these guys show up every day of the year so I mean that's their level of being informed on Idaho, and that's what they bring to it. There's a certain degree of wisdom and experience that a lot of us don't have," said Ferguson.
While Burt Marley and Pete Gertonson have pledged their votes to Bernie Sander, and Carolyn Boyce has said Clinton will get her vote, Van Beechler is still undecided. That doesn't mean those decisions are set in stone.  
"There is nothing that tells them they have to make a decision until they get to Philadelphia to the Democratic National Convention in July," said Ferguson. 
If all of the superdelegates vote the way they have said they plan on voting, Bernie Sanders will receive at least 20 delegates from Idaho, and Clinton six, with one vote still undecided.