Summer swim league brings fun for all

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-23 00:40:10-04
Hundreds of kids and teens took to the water for the Boise Parks and Rec Summer League Swim Meet. After 10 weeks of hard work, 800 swimmers of all ages are showing off their skills at the west YMCA. It's a loud and fun competition filled with cheering parents and encouraging coaches. A noisy venue 15-year-old Mary Margaret Pratt doesn't mind. 
"I'm not really sure what the exact name is, I have a slight hearing disability where I can't hear as well as a lot of other people," said Pratt.
While most swimmers wait to hear the buzzer,  she waits for the simultaneous white flash. And just like the others, she's like a fish in a river. Organizers say this summer swim league is designed for kids and teens to have fun. 
"kids that participate in this don't necessarily swim year-round it is a recreational league that we have here so it's a really fun league for them to participate in," explained Paula Ekins of Boise Parks and Rec. 
For Mary Margaret, she's not just having fun, but getting beyond her disability. 
"It kind of overpowers that I have a hearing disability has me hang out my friends and more social and everything," said Pratt.