Students share concerns about House Bill 377 recently signed by Gov. Little

Posted at 12:03 AM, May 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-02 16:39:48-04

BOISE, Idaho — Caitlin Vasko is a political science major at Boise State University. She is part of the Idaho Students for Education, which organized a forum inviting students across the valley to share their concerns on House Bill 377, the legislation recently signed by Governor Brad Little.

The forum took place at the Boise State quad on Saturday. Vasko believes the legislation could create challenges.

“I think what does bill does is scare teachers,” she said. “Educators already have it so hard this year. I can imagine teaching in a classroom and being terrified that if I teach my curriculum and I teach about history I could be putting myself in harm's way. This is the idea that speaking up and telling the truth can get them in trouble is terrifying for them."

The forum included a couple of presentations with guest speakers sharing insight on how budget cuts and House bill 377 could affect K -12 and higher education. A discussion on Idaho's history of discrimination was also presented.

Angel Venegas, a sophomore at BSU was one of the presenters and was disappointed the bill was signed.

“However I'm optimistic for the future that students and constituents all of the state will take a stand on this and say hey we aren’t okay with this and we are going to fight against this and to make sure we have a better future educationally for future generations to come," Venegas said.

Vasko said students can still have their voices be heard she encourages people to provide feedback to Idaho's Lt. Governor’s Janice McGeachin Task Force.

“The bill has been signed but the fight is not over we want to mobilize students. She has a survey online that you can fill out and talk about your experience. There’s been no proof of this indoctrination and we're really hoping students come out in force and testify in her hearings and filled out her survey and proof that to them in some way," she said.