Students react to 2nd presidential debate

Posted at 5:30 AM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 07:30:10-04

Dozens of people attended a watch party at Boise State University on Sunday night to watch the second presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The non-partisan event was open to all students so supporters of both candidates, and even third party candidates, were on hand.

The room erupted in laughter at times in response to comments from both Trump and Clinton.

We spoke with students after the debate to hear what they thought of the second showdown.

“In my personal opinion it was just, it was just an entertainment show.  It was nothing far from what you would see on ‘The Apprentice’ or one of those reality TV shows,” said Manny Quintero.

“I really think that there should’ve been more focus on the policy issues rather than just discussing things that they’ve done in their past.  I think they need to focus on the future and what they’re going to be doing for our country,” said Heather Campbell.

“I think the general environment is that people are disappointed in both the candidates, but I guess that’s just how democracy goes,” said Jacob Rourk.

“I really wish I would’ve heard more about foreign policy since they are the face of this country.  I would really like to see how they work with other countries, which I don’t think they touched on,” said Ellie Bender.

The third presidential debate will be held on October 19th at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.  Boise State will hold another viewing party on that night as well.