Student resource officer says vaping is a 'huge issue' in Idaho schools

Posted at 4:09 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-12 18:09:35-04

MERIDIAN — The ominous health risks associated with vaping are now present, and confirmed, in Idaho. Local schools are taking a harder look at their student body's unhealthy habits.

“At the schools that I work at, we had right at 100 vape violations for the school year," said student resource officer Bob Allison.

Allison says kids in every grade level are being written up for vape violations, and he's just one officer, in one school, in one district.

“We’re even finding vapes in the junior highs, so it's definitely starting at an early age," said Allison.

Just this past week and a half four vape violations were given, and a dab pen with THC was confiscated.

“[Students] ask to leave class, to use the restroom or get a drink then they’ll go in the bathrooms and use their vapes," said Allison.

You have to be 18 at least to buy vape products, so where are 14-year-olds getting them? Allison says not from convenience stores or retailers, but instead on Snapchat.

“The majority of the students or kids are getting the THC vapes, I see a lot of regular nicotine vapes sold on Snapchat, but its either they’re getting them from social media or other kids from the school," said Allison.

The Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition director says the concern begins with the advertising of vape products.

"These are obviously marketing ploys geared towards children and youth," said director Kendall Nagy.

Students, however, are aware of the health concerns, according to Allison.

"I see [students] talking about it on social media and how they're going to quit vaping," said Allison.

Whether they change their habits is yet to be known.