Student doctor at ICOM dies after vehicle accident near Glenns Ferry

Posted at 2:50 PM, Oct 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 16:56:14-04

MERIDIAN, Idaho — The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine announced Tuesday the loss of a student doctor Austin Jenkins. Jenkins died in a vehicle accident near Glenns Ferry Saturday.

“On behalf of the entire Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine community, we are heartbroken at the loss of Austin,” said Dr. Tracy J. Farnsworth, ICOM President. “Austin was an outstanding young man who touched the lives of many and he will be greatly missed. Please join us in keeping Austin’s family, friends, and all who knew and loved him in your thoughts and prayers.”

Jenkins was a member of the college's Class of 2023 and in his second year of study. Dr. Jenkins was also a commissioned officer in the military.

“This is a tragedy that defies any sense of meaning or understanding,” said Dr. Thomas J. Mohr, ICOM Dean and Chief Academic Officer. “This is a very difficult loss for the ICOM family and we are extremely saddened. We extend our deepest condolences to Austin’s family and friends in this time of intense sadness and grief."

Support and counseling services have been offered and will remain available to students, faculty and staff. The ICOM community will be honoring Student Doctor Jenkins on campus in the coming days.