Dog stolen in Nampa, found in Arizona

Posted at 1:40 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 15:40:43-05

A southern Arizona animal care center will reunite a Nampa, Idaho woman with her dog that was stolen over three months ago.

The Pima County Animal Care Center will be placing “Cooper” the Yorkshire terrier onto a plane at Tucson International Airport to be flown back to the Gem State on December 9th.

The owner, Jaylene Comstock, filed a police report with the Tucson Police Department after receiving a tip that a former friend had stolen the dog from Comstock in Idaho over three months ago.

The Tucson Police Department with PACC enforcement officials found Cooper the dog at the former friend’s home and took the dog into protective custody after checking the dog’s microchip.

“I’m going to tell everyone to get their pets microchipped. It is by far the best, smartest thing I’ve ever done,” said Comstock.

Cooper will be taken to a veterinarian to obtain a health certificate required for animals to be flown around the country and will be back into Idaho around 3:30 pm.

“Cooper’s happy ending is just another example of how crucial it is to make sure people get their pets licensed and microchipped,” said Jennifer Neustadter, PACC licensing supervisor.

“I’m so excited and nervous for him. It’s his first time flying,” said Comstock. “He’s like a child to me and I am just so thankful and relieved to be getting him back. I can’t thank everyone in Tucson enough.”