Idahoans rally to trike theft victim's side, vow to replace her wheels

Idahoans rally to trike theft victim's side
Posted at 6:50 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 06:35:57-04

*** UPDATE *** After this story aired, people lined up to help Esther.  The Boise Bicycle Project has said they are willing also to facilitate replacing the bike.  Six on Your Side will keep you updated in the newscasts tonight.


Esther Gray was on her way to an appointment to discover whether she has a second brain tumor when she discovered her adult trike, her primary means of transportation, was not in its parking spot.  

She admits she didn't lock it that day. She says she parked it in the parking spot that comes with her apartment for 3 years, and felt it was safe that way.

"It's a lot harder for me to push my walker to get whatever I need... so this really makes this difficult for me and for my two children. It's rediculous," says Gray.

Gray says with some custom features and even a slipshod shifter, it's not an ideal bike for anyone else, but to her it is irreplaceable. She uses it to get to doctor's appointments and to the store for groceries for her two children.

She says if she were to wake up in the morning and find it replaced in the parking spot from which it was taken, "I'd be good with that."

She adds that because the police and pawn shops have pictures of it, it is probably hard to sell to a pawn shop or to other people.