Stimulus checks -- and what a local group is asking you to consider if you have dollars left over

Posted at 12:06 AM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 02:07:02-04

BOISE, Idaho — Many Idaho taxpayers are starting to see the coronavirus stimulus check from the Federal government show up in their bank accounts.

The economic stimulus money is designed to be a lifeline for people who’ve been hit hard by this pandemic, according to Congressman Mike Simpson (R-Idaho).

“Everybody’s situation is gonna be different. Some people are gonna be behind in rent that they need to pay, others might have their rent paid, but need food and those types of things," said Simpson in an phone interview with Idaho News 6.

He said this money will be crucial in helping a lot of Idahoans stay afloat.

“It’s to people who really are gonna need it," said Simpson.

But, inarguably, there might be some recipients whose financial situation has not been greatly impacted. And that is the sector of citizens that one local nonprofit leader hopes will consider donating a few of those dollars -- back into the community.

“We became a licensed consumer lender three years ago. We were already seeing substantial need for this emergency loan product," said Kate Nelson, director, Economic Opportunity, Jannus.

Jannus’ Sunshine Sponsor Program, under its nonprofit Economic Opportunity, gives out loans to thousands of Idaho citizens and Idaho small businesses.

"The people that we loan to, are retired teachers, they’re senior citizens, they’re veterans, they’re college students — they’re people that live down the street from us and that serve us every single day. Our baristas, our check-out clerks at the stores," said Nelson.

She said the demand for their financial assistance is skyrocketing right now.

“From February to March we saw a 260% increase," said Nelson.

But so far in April, she said they are seeing a 200% increase per day.

“No amount is too small. We ask that people give what they can so that we can all experience resiliency and come back a stronger community.”

If you’re one of the ones who still hasn’t seen the stimulus check come into your bank account — a new tool on the IRS website allows you to track the status of your payment. Just click here.