Statehouse tells LGBT community to bring their own rainbow lights

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 00:37:39-04
It is not that uncommon for controversy to arise inside the state capital, but now there is one outside of it. 
It started over a month ago when organizers of Boise Pride Fest and their political allies wanted to change the light outside of the building to rainbow colors during pride week, but the department administration was hesitant.
"Simply because there are some people, while they support the LGBT community, some don't and that makes it a little controversial," said the Department of Administration Director  Robert Geddes.
Then, the tragedy in Orlando. Members of the LGBT community killed in the deadliest mass shooting in recent American history in a terrorist attack.
"We are deeply saddened in Boise, because when something like that happens, it's your brothers and your sisters, and it definitely hits home," said Boise Pride Festival Director Rodney Busbee. 
Organizers of Boise Pride Festival reached out to the state again, this time, the state responded saying it's technically impossible with the lights they have equipped and they're not powerful enough. 
"There is no way to separate the different colors from one light panel to the next," explained Geddes. 
State officials said there is nothing wrong with an outside group lighting the building on their own. Pride Fest organizers said it will cost them close to $9,000 to fully light the building during their pride festival. Now, they are meeting with state officials to light only the outside of the rotunda to keep costs down. 
"We are a community of neighbors who know neighbors and we support our friends and family. Now we're just asking the state house to show they support all of their citizens, that everyone matters," said Busbee. 
The Pride Festival kicks off on Friday night.
Organizers are asking for donations to help offset the cost.