Mayor Bieter's address highlights change and growth in Boise

Posted at 10:46 PM, Sep 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 10:53:19-04

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter gave his State of the City address at The Egyptian Theater. Bieter believes Boise is on the right track.

"What does it mean to be from Boise, to be a Boisean?" said Bieter.

Bieter believes Boise is changing for the better, but he is urging for the city to find it's identity, "We have such a better chance of preserving those values even as we grow." 

The Mayor believes one quality that defines Boise is the respect for education. He highlighted the College of Western Idaho's plan to build a campus in the heart of Boise.

"It makes such a difference to these students but what it means to us, all of us in the community, to grow the kind of economy that we need the skills that we need to stay competitive," said Bieter.

Combined with Mayor Bieter's support of the library with new projects in the works, he says the city is strong.

"I am Boise, you are Boise, but what's most important, we are Boise,” said Bieter.

He also said "if we continue to do these things large and small, the story of Boise will continue to get better."