State and Collister construction project to impact traffic, restrict turns

State and Collister construction project to impact traffic, restrict turns
Posted at 2:27 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 16:27:45-05

Ada County Highway District officials are warning drivers that construction at the intersection of State Street and Collister Drive has necessitated some lane and turn changes.

Starting as early as Friday morning, left turns directly from eastbound State Street onto Collister Drive will be restricted. Beginning tonight, (Thursday November 8th), traffic will swap to the south side of State Street as part of the first phase of the State and Collister construction. 

“This swap will be fully in effect (Friday) morning. There will be two lanes in each direction on State Street to allow for work on the north side of State Street. After this swap, the use of daytime lane closures will be minimal,” said ACHD spokesperson Natalie Shaver. 

Left turns into the Collister Shopping Center will be maintained –- as will left turns onto State Street from Collister Drive. 

“Only left turns from eastbound State onto Collister will be restricted. This restriction is necessary for the signal timing at the intersection,” Shaver explained. “Removing left turns from State Street onto Collister Drive will provide the highest level of mobility through the intersection compared to other alternatives.”

“Accommodating left turn movements from eastbound State would require the signal to be put into a three-phase split operation as opposed to a two-phase signal. This would significantly increase the amount of time spent at the intersection,” she added.

Signs will be placed near State Street and Pierce Park to warn drivers approaching the intersection and the construction area of the alternative left turn configuration.