Start healthy habits with your family during Family Meals Month

Posted at 7:58 AM, Sep 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 09:58:07-04

IDAHO — September marks Family Meals Month, encouraging everyone to look at their habits in the kitchen and around the table and make changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Family Meals Month benefits both adults and kids in several different ways.

"The studies have shown that we eat better when we eat together, we have better communication and better relationships as a family unit," says Molly Tevis, a registered dietitian with Albertsons.

Those added benefits help kids with their self-esteem and can boost their grades. Families also tend to eat healthier and increase their fruit and vegetable intake.

"Being in the kitchen together means you can learn cooking skills. You really kind of connect with your food or pick up the food that you like or try new foods maybe that you haven't tried before so just getting in the kitchen and building that confidence to cook and experiment with your food," says Tevis.

Family Meals Month is a good time to look at new recipes involving fruits and vegetables that may be coming into season with fall starting September 22. Some ideas Mini Enchilada Casserole with added butternut squash or sweet potatoes and a Family-Friendly Flatbread with beets or shaved Brussel sprouts.

For more ideas on using fall fruits and veggies, head to your local Albertsons or click here.