Star Wars fans raise money for charities at Boise Public Library Comic-Con

Posted at 10:03 PM, Aug 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 00:03:52-04

From Batman to Superman, hundreds of superheroes and anime fans made their way to the downtown Boise Library for their Annual Comic-Con, all to geek out and embrace pop-culture.

"It's a great place for people who love fandom people who love nerdy geeky things to get together with their people and just celebrate pop-culture." said Danielle Boyd of the Boise Public Library.

One group of Star Wars fans made up of Sith Lords and Jedi alike used the convention to help kids in need. The 501st Legion's mission isn't to conquer the galaxy, but to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities.

"The 501st is the bad guys of star wars so you got your Vader, you got your Darth Revan, your storm troopers your sand troopers," James Crossley of the 501st Legion.

During the convention, fans could take pictures with the intergalactic volunteers and donate to their cause to help kids in need. Proving you don't need to use the force to make a difference

"We have fun dressing the way we do and sometimes but every knows and then we will do a hospital visit and going to see the sick kids and they light up when we enter the room, that just means a whole lot it's special to see. Said Crossley.

Organizers say they raised more than 200 dollars for the make a wish foundation during the two-day comic-con. In 2016, the 501st raise over $4.3m worldwide.