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St. Luke's clinic helping long-haul COVID sufferers

Posted at 1:53 PM, Oct 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-26 18:25:54-04

BOISE, Idaho — We are heading into our third Fall with COVID-19, but some people are still experiencing symptoms from months or even years ago. It’s called long-COVID and it affects millions of people.

The CDC, recently releasing a report that says of the nearly 24-million adults in the u-s who currently have long-COVID, more than 80-percent have trouble carrying out basic, day-to-day activities.

Idaho News 6 spoke with Dr. Jodie Donovan, Medical Director for St. Luke’s Long Haul Covid Clinic in Boise.

So how long does COVID typically last? According to John’s Hopkins, mild or moderate COVID-19 lasts about two weeks for most people. But others experience lingering health problems even after the fever and cough go away and they are no longer testing positive.

What symptoms do patients report? Long-COVID can include shortness of breath, cough, persistent chest pain, heart palpitations, brain fog, and fatigue. Dr. Donovan says it varies person to person.

And what about taste or smell?

A 2022 study published by The BMJ, suggests 5% of adults who report initial changes to their sense of smell or taste after COVID-19 may go on to develop long-lasting smell and taste problems. Recovery rates increased with each passing month.

If this sounds familiar, Dr. Donovan says St. Luke's is here to help and insists you’re not alone.

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