Special Olympic athletes return home from the world games with gold medals

Posted at 5:02 PM, Mar 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-23 19:04:36-04

BOISE — A crowd waited in anticipation at the Boise Airport for two athletes who returned home to Idaho from the Special Olympics World Games in Dubai.

Jon Harmon won a gold and two bronze medals in bowling and James Dawson came home with a gold in the pentathlon.

Friends and family cheered as the two athletes arrived in a moment that gave us goosebumps, it was incredible to see the reaction from both the athletes and their supporters.

"It's been amazing seeing everybody here to give me awesome love and honor to be a world champion is just amazing," said Jon Harmon. "

The two athletes also said the experience in Abu Dhabi was amazing as they competed with 7,000 athletes and worked with 17,000 volunteers from all over the world.

"My favorite part was just being there and learning different cultures," said Harmon.

Dawson described his win in the pentathlon as a true upset that surprised his coaches, but his victory didn't surprise him.

"I ran up to them and said see what happens when you doubt me I got first," said Dawson."

We've been following Jon Harmon's story for a while and he told us bowling helps us with autism and now his skills have taken him to a whole new world.

Both of these athletes show us what can happen when you believe in yourselves and work hard to achieve your dreams.

"Bowling has changed my life forever, it has made me forget that I have autism and it has made me a much stronger person," said Harmon. "It is just nice to have all this support.

Check out the video to see these athletes triumphant return to Idaho.