Nearly 5,000 Ada County voters will have ballots reissued

Nearly 5,000 Ada County voters will have ballots reissued
Posted at 11:25 AM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 19:20:19-04

BOISE, Idaho — UPDATE: The Idaho Secretary of State’s office identified an error in a batch of ballots mailed to 4,949 Ada County voters for the May 19 Primary Election. Affected voters received a ballot that did not match the ballot they had requested in the online absentee request system.

The error was isolated to ballots mailed on April 21. A batch process conducted by the Secretary of State’s Office to help Ada County has been identified as the source. This was the only instance a batch process like this was used.

The affected voters have been identified and Ada County Elections will be reissuing the correct, requested ballot.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Ada County Elections Office has gotten many reports from unaffiliated voters that they received an incorrect ballot for the May 19 election.

Some people said they received a non-partisan ballot when they requested a democratic ballot using the online absentee request form. The non-partisan ballot contains only non-partisan positions like judges and local bond and levy elections.

The elections office is working with the Idaho Secretary of State's office to determine how this happened and and how many voters were affected. Early indications show the issue may be isolated to one mailing from a batch process done by the Secretary of State's Office to help the county with the number of online requests.

“We appreciate the voters who have brought this issue to our attention and are working with Ada County to ensure that we can find a quick resolution,” said Chad Houck, Chief Deputy Secretary of State.

The elections office is working to make sure voters receive the correct ballot. If you received an incorrect ballot, contact the Ada County Elections Office by calling 208-297-6860 or email