Solider injured searching for Bergdahl speaks out after sentencing

Posted at 6:31 PM, Nov 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-05 20:31:27-05

 Army Specialist Jon Morita is speaking out after a judge ruled Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl would serve no jail time for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. 

"We're all looking for an American when we are supposed to be looking for terrorists," said Army Specialist Jon Morita who is from California. 

Specialist Morita was one of the soldiers injured while on a mission to find Bergdahl after he left his base in 2009. During that search and rescue mission, Jon was injured when an unexploded RPG smashed into his hand. A piece of shrapnel also tore it's way into his shoulder while he was taking care of an injured medic. According to CNN, at least six soldiers were killed and others were injured while searching for the Hailey native. 

During the trial, the prosecution asked Specialist Morita to testify about his injuries. When Bergdahl pleaded guilty, Jon was shocked what Bergdahl would say next. 

"The one thing that came out and popped into my head was, I didn't think that search and rescue would be conducted for me," recalled Specialist Morita. "That was the most, I thought the most idiotic statement known to man. Like I don't want to say the word dumb, but are you dumb? You're dumb or something, you don't leave somebody behind and he basically screwed us all over." 

Specialist Mortia says he and many others were pleased to see Bergdahl received a dishonorable discharge and rank reduction as part of his sentencing, but for him, it was bittersweet with Bergdahl not getting any jail time. 

"I was at least hoping for a bit of jail time and when they didn't say that I think that's unacceptable, and I'm putting that very very nicely and lightly," said Specialist Morita.

While Bergdahl claims he left the base to report concerns over leadership in the military. Specialist Morita is still wondering why he let his fellow soldiers bare the consequences of his actions. 

"What was the deal man, they'd throw you out on these crazy missions cause I've done crazy mission myself," said Specialist Morita. "We're surrounded in a war zone, were surrounded by the enemy what did you expect?" 

In court, Bergdahl apologized to the soldiers and their families who were injured while searching for him. His attorney says they plan to appeal the dishonorable discharge.