Social media is not limited to the living

Posted at 5:27 PM, Feb 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-25 19:27:58-05
Online profiles aren't just for the living but also for the dead. Some are now turning to social media not just to socialize but to memorialize their loved ones.
Jacob Driskell gets choked up when he thinks of his son Gage.
"you just tell your child we are gonna beat this and we gave it a heck of a fight," said Driskell.
Four years ago this month Driskell lost his 11-year-old boy to brain cancer. 
Gage's memory still lives on.
"It's almost like he is talking to me," Driskell added.
The dad soon after Gage's death turned to social media to memorialize his son.
"Every year on his birthday  I wish him a Happy Birthday I go back, and I am able to see his post," Driskell explained.
 Attorney Natasha Hazlett specializes in estate planning, and she said it could be therapeutic for families to look back at their loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries. 
"One way I have seen families memorialize their loved one is by asking friends to share a memory or picture on their Facebook page," said Hazlett.
For grieving family members like Driskell, a memory can go a long way.
"A picture bring those memories to life. Sometimes it seems like the memories would be forgotten if we didn't have the picture," Driskell said.
More and more families are now using this online outlet versus traditional ways said Cheryl Godbout who is a managing partner at Cloverdale Funeral Home.
"It's that interactive part that makes it so powerful," said Godbout.
So what gives this concept depth?
"The most important part is that it's a creation of his sons," Godbout added.
"It sometimes is I can always go to and look at," Driskell added.
In a modern world where everything lives online, it is a way to keep his son's memory preserved.