Smoky Davis Thanksgiving

Posted at 9:32 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 23:32:05-05
If Santa is the hardest working man around Christmas, who's the hardest working around thanksgiving?
A top candidate is surely Gary Davis, owner of Smoky Davis on State Street.
"It's very hectic," said Davis. 
Welcome to a Smoky Davis Thanksgiving.
"We've got last minute peoples going I don't have anything for dinner do you have anything left," explained Davis.
And right now, the pickins are slim.
"Out of the turkey's smoked for thanksgiving, we're down to about 20 turkey's left," said Davis
And that's probably because Smoky Davis has a great reputation. They've been smoking turkeys and hams for more than 60 years.
"Last year, two years, run out of hams and last year had just 10 turkey's left."
Gary Davis shows 6 On Your Side the holiday goods hanging in the smokehouse his father built back in 53.
"Those are going to be hams in the morning," said Davis
Davis says he never get's tired of the smell.
"There's nothing better especially straight out of the smokehouse," said Davis.
Of course, if you haven't made thanksgiving plans, you might be out of luck, but Christmas is right around the corner.
"Christmas is just crazy," said Davis.