'All the world's a stage,' says Crazy Neighbor owner on Small Business Saturday

Crazy Neighbor participated in Shop Small Saturday
Posted at 4:28 PM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-25 00:45:04-05

Curtains up, spotlight on, and hold for applause-- because once you've passed this doorway and the painted proscenium arch, you are free to be whatever you want.

"All the world's a stage. Ya know? And that's what we go by every day," said Star Moxley, Crazy Neighbor store owner.

William Shakespeare may have said it-- but Moxley lives it. The store founder worked for years as a costume designer for Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Boise Contemporary Theatre.

"You can be you-- whatever that means-- right? You can be expressed in many ways. It's up to you how you do it." Moxley said. "My role as an artist came from theatre."

She says when an old costume shop in Boise closed down, she saw an opportunity.

"You had to buy gloves elsewhere and make-up online and stuff."

4-year-old Crazy Neighbor is now the only brick-and-mortar in the Treasure Valley to sell the popular theater makeup brand Ben Nye.

One shopper says one of his daughters, a special effects make-up artist, makes the drive all the way from Caldwell to stock up on it.

"And it's always much better in person I think. You get to actually ya know, see, and look, and hold, and have the physical thing in front of ya there," said Terry Jacobson, Crazy Neighbor shopper.

Architectural Digest recently named it "The Most Beautiful Independent Store in Idaho."

Still, even though business has been booming, Moxley's traveled a tough road recently. Only a year and a half ago... She underwent a brain surgery that went awry and resulted in a stroke.

"And U could not walk, and could not move and could not eat," she said.

She says the physical recovery was tough, but that her mind has worked pretty well all along-- and that she's slowly getting better.

"We all kept the store open, right? It's still here."

Still here-- and not under-appreciated by its passionate cliental in the Treasure Valley.

"Ya need that little spark of, like, creativity and madness around ya. Otherwise life just gets incredibly, predictably dull," said Jacobson.