Slide on Highway 11 expected to cause delays over holiday weekend

Slide on Highway 11 expected to cause delays over holiday weekend
Posted at 1:45 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-24 15:45:55-04

The Idaho Transportation Department is warning drivers of possible delays on Highway 11.

A slide on Highway 11 near Headquarters could cause unexpected delays for drivers, ITD announced Monday. The delays will most likely impact those on their way to sites up the North Fork of the Clearwater River and Grandad Recreation Area, according to ITD.

“Last month we noticed that the shoulder of ID-11 was falling away from the road,” Engineering Manager Bob Schumacher said in a statement. “Since then, the northbound lane has sunk further and is now estimated to be an eight-foot drop off."

The northbound lane of ID-11 will be closed and drivers will be required to yield to southbound traffic. Flaggers will stop all traffic for about 15 minutes at a time while a drill is on-site Monday and Tuesday. Crews will also be installing monitoring devices to track any more movement, according to ITD.

“We will collect soil samples at various depths,” Schumacher said. “We are looking for layers that appear to be saturated so we can determine the severity of the slide.”

Repairs will be done in line with a resurfacing project that was already planned for this summer.It is currently unclear how the repairs will impact the timing and budget of the project, according to ITD.

Anyone with plans to travel through the area should check for more information.