Skiers excited for weekday skiing at Bogus Basin

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-14 19:27:10-05
It's a Monday, but ticket windows up at Bogus Basin are open.
It's the first weekday ski day of the season, and the snow couldn't have been better.
"We had a wonderful weekend of snow, and topped off with almost another foot overnight," said John Hart, marketing director for Bogus Basin.
That foot was on top of the two feel they already had, and skiers who got out of work today were pretty excited about it. 
"We're skiing. We're having a great time. Powder shots, face shots, deep snow, knee deep, ankle deep, waste deep, face deep. It's deep. It's too deep," said Sam Seiniger and Ethan Mansfield who were more than excited to be on the mountain. 
Deep snow means all of the lifts are open, and lost of space for those wanting to hit the slopes. 
"People can spread out throughout the entire mountain so that means there is hardly any lift lines at all. You can just ride right on to the lifts and ski as much as you want to ski," said Hart.
It was foggy and windy, but it didn't seem to bother some. 
"Beautiful. Great conditions. Blowing powder. It's hard to see but you don't need to see on a day like today. You can't see anywhere the snow is so deep," said Seiniger and Mansfield.
"A lot of people are having a great time. they may be a little leery of the fog of course, but otherwise folks are having fun," said Jake Hite, who works at Bogus Basin. 
"Were having fun, we're ripping turns, our thighs are burning," said Seiniger and Mansfield.
Now that Bogus is open seven days a week, there is plenty of opportunities to get those thighs burning.