Skiers and snowboarders put on a show at Tamarack's West Mountain Showdown

Posted at 11:58 AM, Jan 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-09 13:58:44-05

IDAHO — Skiers and snowboarders put on a show at Tamarack's West Mountain Showdown Rail Jam that featured contestants of all ages and skills as they showed off their best tricks.

"It was fun," Chase Dawson, ski contestant said. "I just came out to have fun and ski with friends."

Dawson took second in his division and Luke Bruce, ski contestant in the Amateur division, placed third at the Rail Jam as they competed alongside friends, with a full crowd cheering them on.

“I'm pretty happy with it," Bruce said. "I wasn’t able to land some of the tricks that I could have landed. I tried really hard, and I’m excited with how I did, and I'm just stoked in general.”

"It is a brand new event, and it is our inaugural time doing this one," Matt Gebo, Vice President of Marketing, Tamarack Resort said. "Outdoor events feel a little bit safer right now, so we are really excited to be able to have stuff like this going on with great vendors in the village, and really it is just about making sure that people have the best possible time here at the ski area."

The contestants showed off everything they had as they dropped in and hit the rails including 360s, board grabs, and other tricks.

"My favorite part about today was definitely skiing powder up top and then just coming down sending rails and having a good time with the guys," Bruce said.

An event that brought more stoke to the resort, something Tamarack always focusing on as they continue to add more events like this one to their calendar for their guests to enjoy.

"With our growth, it is organic for it to happen, and to have more events and more activity here that are just going to round out peoples vacations," Gebo said. "It is really important for us to make sure we are putting on as much stuff for people to do here as possible. We are doing other things during mid-week to add to the excitement too, so it is all just part of a bigger plan to put our stamp on the map to be a destination resort."

They've also had a little help from mother nature this season as well.

“The snow is incredible. We just finished our snowiest December ever, and we kicked off January with another 29 inches this week," Gebo said. "The snow surface is incredible right now. We are really holding up great and are excited for the season to be underway.”

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